The conveyor belt benchmark for wear-resistance

The combination of tensile strength, abrasion resistance and elasticity of the conveyor cover are chosen to best suit the application in a range of cover types.

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DBP covers are in a league of their own when it comes to matching the life to the application. The mechanism of wear to conveyor belts is highly complex. An infinite mix of product size, sharpness and shape that strikes the belt surface at many different velocities all play a role. Also affecting rate of wear are the operating conditions.

Developing belt conveyors that perform well in all these combinations can be a challenge without the huge database of knowledge gathered from continuous real time monitoring at a micro-level of the entire belt thickness profile.


The BTM Belt Thickness Monitoring System, part of REMA MCube, is the first conveyor belt monitoring system to continuously and automatically monitor the thickness of the belt. Data captured by numerous units installed around the world is being used to monitor the performance of rubber compound.

This information has led to the development of belt cover rubber compounds that uniquely fit the application.

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