POWAPLY Multiply Fabric Belting

Wear resistant, versatile synthetic multiply fabric belts

DBP POWAPLY conveyor belting is an all synthetic multiply construction available in a very wide range of strengths and number of plies. High performance industrial polyester and polyamide yarns are woven together, then given a special treatment to ensure exceptional long lasting ability to bond to the interply rubber. The interply rubber is formulated to provide not only high adhesion to prevent separation even in the most arduous applications but also to impart exceptional impact absorbing properties.

Product Information


Polyester warp yarns and polyamide weft in the traditional EP fabrics result in low elongation, exceptional fatigue and impact resistance and the ability of the belt to be joined by either vulcanised splice or mechanical fasteners.

Breaking away from tradition, many of the belt fabrics are also available in high performance, economic all polyester (EE) construction.



DBP POWAPLY can be offered with a wide range of rubber covers to suit a diverse range of applications from extreme abrasion, cutting and gouging to light duty conveying of non abrasive materials.

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